Spring has come and, with it, a special Cru Caviar edition.

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The Production

Over 30 years in world of Caviar

commerciazzazione di caviale internazionale selezionato

Cru Caviar is the fruit of a half a century of experience in aquatic breeding, thirty years of knowledge accumulated in the production of Italian caviar and in the selection of the best varieties of Iranian and Russian caviar.

Our micro production gives us full control over the final product’s quality. From the egg to the juvenile fish to the Sturgeon, we know each fish in our breeding and we respect its growth. Thanks to our respect for artisanal production, we produce a quality caviar in a production zone that is exclusive and delimited.

Malossol — In Russian it translates to “lightly salted.” All of our caviar selection is produced with this technique which distinguishes it as high quality caviar, guaranteeing an unaltered flavour pure and natural.

Cites — “Regulation on the international market of animal and vegetable species in danger of extinction.” All of our caviar selections have this seal, which also shares information on the species of sturgeon, origin, if it was bred or fished, year of production, the producer and the lotto.

IFS Food — Since 2017 we’ve been holders of IFS Food, a certificate of strict packaging and production guidelines that we adhere to. An international standard that guarantees quality and security to best safeguard our consumers.


Our four Italian farms represent the Bettinazzi’s family 50+ years of experience, breeders for three generations and established leaders in the aquaculture industry. Our over 20 hectares are constructed to respect the ecosystem, with clean and uncontaminated waters. This is where each sturgeon is bred and grows, from the egg to the juvenile fish to the mature specimen.

allevamenti di caviale veneti
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