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20 hectares of farms, three generations of experience in acquaculture, 30 years of history in the Caviar world that have seen Cru both produce Italian caviar and select only the best international varieties.

Cru Caviar is the summary of our experience, the fruit of a production where no detail is forgotten.

Each Cru product is an absolute guarantee of excellence, a symphony of flavour and refinement, an exclusive luxury.

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Caviar derives from the Turkish word Khaviar or Caviar, which in the local dialect of the region close to Iran’s Caspian Sea refers to the eggs of the sturgeon that flourish in these particular waters.

Celebrated by the Russian aristocracy who spread the culture of caviar all throughout Europe, it is today synonymous with exclusivity and excellence.

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Our mission is to share and spread the culture of high quality caviar. We do this by highlighting the importance of each product’s origin, the microclimate where the sturgeon s live artisanality, and of the tradition and work experts who introduce beginners to this extraordinary product.

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