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Over 30 years in world of Caviar

Cru Caviar is the result of Stories, Experiences, and Knowledge converging.

In 1972 the Bettinazzi Family, breeders for three consecutive generations, decided to take up aquatic breeding, which they studied and perfected with great care and dedication. In 1995 the business focused on breeding Sturgeons developing various sites with specific microclimatic properties that are harmonious with the surrounding natural environment. Each farm is unique, with uncontaminated waters and sturgeons of different types.

The history of Caviar Import began in 1989 with the importation of Iranian and Russian caviar. In a short period of time the business became the leader in its sector and the only Italian company invited by the Shilat (Organization of the Iranian State) to caviar auctions. They were also one of the few authorized to distribute Iranian caviar. Today Caviar Import is a leader in the distribution of these rare and precious gems from the Middle East, thanks to a dialogue sustained throughout time with the world’s most masterful salters who possess a rare and expert knowledge of the product.

The history of Italian Caviar and of our Caviar Master, Renzo Zanin, began in 1997 with the first production of 100% Italian caviar from sturgeons bred in Italy. Thanks to his breadth of experience, Renzo Zanin is considered one of the top caviar experts in the word. Each Cru Caviar product is the result of his careful selection, precise salting, and a consistent quality control in production.

Cru Caviar

The origin of excellence

Cru Caviar was created in 2018 from a Vision.

Cru is a noun that indicates “what grows in a region.” This term best highlights our mission to spread the culture of high quality caviar, highlight the importance of each product’s origin, its territory, and the microclimate where the sturgeons live. Our farms enjoy unique pedoclimatic conditions and our tradition of processing caviar allows us to share our detailed knowledge of what is a symbol of exclusivity in the kitchen.

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